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PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.0 Update New weapons ??

What you have to know 

Variant 0.15.0 update presents "Halloweeks" topic, Zombie mode 2.0, and an unstable new Payload Mode that highlights dangerous weapons and helicopters. 

Presents the Desert Eagle gun and BRDM-2 heavily clad vehicle accessible over all guides and offers gun changes and general execution enhancements 

Other ongoing interaction updates incorporate enabling the players to hop and take hold of edges and the expansion of unstable fuel barrels.

This week, PUBG Mobile is rolling a really enormous Halloween themed update that incorporates a lot of new difficulties for the individuals who love gathering prizes and restorative overhauls. The full 0.15.0 fix notes incorporate all that is new and refreshed in game, yet the most generous expansion is another EvoGround mode considered Payload Mode that will present weighty weapons, for example, RPGs, explosive launchers, and a minigun that will be accessible to major parts in Super Weapon Crates. 

The mode will likewise present a review framework for resuscitating dead colleagues (a component we've seen in other Battle Royale modes in Call of Duty and Apex Legends) and furthermore lets players hop into the cockpit of a helicopter for rapidly bridging the guide — simply keep an eye out for approaching rockets! 

Payload Mode won't be promptly accessible with the 0.15.0 update however will go live at some point after the update has been turned out. 

Other prominent game updates from the fix notes include: 

Zombie: Survive Til Dawn 2 has been "Halloweenized" with pumpkin-headed beasts and posses of executioner jokesters involving deserted plants and fortifications. Then, The Darkest Night will be taken disconnected as the devs keep on finetune that mode

The Desert Eagle gun has at long last shown up in PUBG Mobile! It utilizes .45ACP ammunition with a seven balance magazine and arrangements 62 harm with Mira Red Dot, Holographic Sight, broadened magazine and Laser Sight connections accessible. 

The BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored Vehicle replaces the Armored UAZ. This new vehicle highlights impenetrable tires and will keep your group better secured as you drive across land or water. 

Fuel jars would now be able to be utilized as unstable things. They will currently detonate when shot or harmed by throwables and can perpetrate harm to close by players. 

Players would now be able to jump and take hold of edges in mid air to arrive at higher spots. This is tied in with timing as you'll need to hop and tap the bounce button again when a green symbol appears on an accessible edge. 

The UMP9 has been nerfed and supplanted by the UMP45 which presently utilizes 0.45ACP ammunition with diminished shot speed and an adjusted discharging sound. 

The Vector has likewise been nerfed a piece with base harm decreased from 34 to 31. It currently utilizes 9mm ammunition with expanded magazine limit. 

The designers have upgraded weapon-stacking rationale to eliminate faltering when players come into see 

Improved illustrations and perfection on lower-end gadgets and diminished fundamental string CPU use to cut overheating. 

By and by, Tencent Games seems to have worked superbly of including new highlights and play modes to a game that is now so hearty and completely highlighted — and still totally allowed to-play. I'm intrigued to perceive what new expert rifleman's homes can be discovered utilizing the new edge snatch mechanics, and obviously I'm too eager to give the new Payload Mode a go when it dispatches — if just to fly around like an insane person in a helicopter.


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