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Latest PUBG MOBILE update is now out: Version 0.15.0 update brings Halloween content

The PUBG MOBILE rendition 0.15.0 update carries new highlights to the game, with the significant one being the Ledge Grab. The Payload mode will be turned out later.

PUBG MOBILE 0.15.0 update with Helicopters, Survive Till Dawn Halloween Mode, Ledge Grab and more delivered 

Tencent Games have delivered a new PUBG Mobile update which brings the variant number to 0.15.0. This brings a few upgrades that let characters jump in mid-air to arrive at beforehand blocked-off spots, new vehicles, for example, the land and/or water capable BRDM-2 and helicopters, detonating fuel drums for laying traps, Weapons, for example, M16A4, Vector, UMP45 and MK47Mutant have all been tuned, Desert Eagle has additionally been included. 

Execution upgrades for a smoother experience and less force utilization, weapon and outfit show have been upgraded, the touch controls have been tuned to lessen blunders in development after an opening degree, and room and stock frameworks have likewise been improved. Spray painting is currently accessible! Payload Mode will be coming soon and the Walking Dead cooperation and Survive Till Dawn Halloween mode are here. 

The PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update is now accessible for iOS and Android today. On the off chance that you update before 22nd October, you get Fairy Set (3 days) x1, Silver Fragment x50 and 2,888 BP. 

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Royale Pass Season 9 substance update include: 

1. Updates 

Payload Mode (not far off) 

Accompanies new hefty weapons, review framework, a helicopter, Vehicle Repair Pack and Super Weapon Crates! Air Strikes are accessible, as well! 

[Teammate Recall] 

Get dead colleagues' ID Cards and resuscitate them at the Communication Tower! 

[Payload Mode Weapons] 

RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade Launcher, MGL Grenade Launcher, M134 Minigun. 

[Aircraft: Helicopters] 

Discover helicopters and bring them into the fight! 

[Super Weapon Crate] 

Produces routinely and actuates following 3 minutes. Contains airdrop weapons, Lv. 3 covering, Payload Mode weapons and that's just the beginning! 

[Vehicle Repair Pack] 

Fixes vehicle harm and tires. 

[Air Strike Beacon] 

Brings in air strikes. 

Get by Till Dawn 

– Modified skybox, hues and found objects. "Halloweenized" beasts. 

– Added an antagonistic human group in relinquished plants and fortresses. Annihilation them to improve rewards. 

– Killing zombies awards unique bio-fighting hardware that is compelling against zombies and different players. 

New Features: 

[Ledge Grab] 

– Climb among structures and compartments to arrive at beforehand distant spots. 

– Tap bounce, at that point hop again at the correct planning in midair. 

[Fuel Drums] 

At the point when hit by projectiles or throwables, fuel drums detonate and harm close players. Accessible on all guides. 

New Firearms and Vehicles: 

[Desert Eagle] (all guides) 

– Highest harm and gag speed, all things considered. 

– Deals 62 harm. Can be appended with Mira Red Dot, Holographic Sight, magazines and Laser Sight to improve shoulder-terminating. 

– Fires .45 ACP ammunition. Default magazine fits 7 rounds (can be stretched out to 10). 

[BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored Vehicle] (all guides) 

– Resilient and fit for crossing water. Furnished with impenetrable tires. 

– Reduces harm taken. 

– Can be brought in just with the Flare Gun. Replaces Armored UAZ. 

Spray painting: 

– Can leave spray painting on any articles in the combat zone. 

– Up to 4 sorts can be conveyed into a fight. Change Graffiti combo in the stock menu." 

Included a space for eye gear: 

After the update, exhibitions and face covers won't be having a similar opening. Veils that don't cover the eyes can be outfitted along with a couple of displays. 

Included authority answers when players submit reports 

– An official answer will be sent to players after effectively announcing in-game infringement. The message will be sent to a more extensive scope of beneficiaries as the test advances. 

2. Upgrades 



– Reduced the underlying force in burst mode. 

– Improved significant distance terminating by lessening harm tumble off. 

– Can be outfitted with a strategic stock. 


– Reduced base harm from 34 to 31. 

– Fires 9mm ammunition. Base magazine limit changed from 13/25 to 19/33. 


– Renamed UMP9 to UMP45. Utilizations 0.45ACP ammunition. 

– Base magazine limit changed from 30/40 to 25/35. Diminished starting projectile speed. 

– Modified terminating sound. 


PUBG MOBILE form 0.15.0 update is presently turning out for all players. 

The update brings the BRDM-2 vehicle, the edge gets and Halloween-themed content. 

Payload mode with helicopters will be accessible later in the game. 

We have been discussing it for a long and it's at last here. The PUBG MOBILE group has at last delivered the most recent form 0.15.0 update to all players on both Android and iOS stages. The new update, as spilt beforehand, carries a lot of new augmentations to the ongoing interaction just as a new substance for the forthcoming bubbly season. The Payload mode is yet to turn out however and players should hang tight for certain days. 

As observed already in the spilt fix noticed, the variant 0.15.0 update brings two or three changes and new substance to the game. Players will have the option to observe Halloween-themed content in the Survive Till Dawn: Zombies mode wherein the zombies can be seen wearing Halloween-themed getups. Nonetheless, in contrast to a year ago, there's no home screen subject for the Halloween season this time. The Payload mode should be important for the 0.15.0 update however it will be accessible later. 

Aside from the Halloween-themed content, players will likewise have the option to utilize the Desert Eagle gun. The Desert Eagle gun is promoted as the most impressive gun in the game and it will be accessible on all the guides for players to profit. The Desert Eagle manages 62 harm and can be furnished with red dab sights, holographic sights, magazines and laser sights. 

The greatest change to the interactivity, however, will originate from the Ledge Grab highlight, which has been discussed for a long. The Ledge Grab highlight will permit players to get to a larger number of housetops in the guides than previously. It works like the edge snatch that players may have seen in past Assassins Creed games. Players should hop and press a devoted catch to grasp the edge. This component will help expert marksmen greatly as they can arrive at out-of-reach puts and get a significant hold over their foes. 

Furthermore, for the individuals who love blasts, the red gas jars that you see laid around the guide would now be able to detonate. Players should simply shoot them once and if the foe is close by, it will make harm them. Moreover, the BRDM-2 reinforced vehicle replaces the UAZ-Armored in the game. The BRDM-2 cases predominant security with no cut except for it is defenceless to harm while shielding you from shots. 

Two or three extra highlights and refinements have additionally been turned out as a major aspect of the update. The update is as of now accessible for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Today, PUBG Mobile delivered the full form 0.15.0 substance including new guns and vehicles, new highlights and the refreshed Survive Till Dawn – Halloween Mode and additionally coming. Players can download for nothing on the App Store and Google Play. 

New highlights have been added to all PUBG Mobile guides and game sorts as a major aspect of the 0.15.0 substance update, including: 

• BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored Vehicle – Players can go on both land and ocean with this flare firearm elite tank, which diminishes harm taken. 

• Ledge Grab – The exceptionally foreseen edge get include now permits players to climb and climb structures to reach already unavailable spots for new sorts of battle 

• Desert Eagle – The new weapon with the most elevated harm and gag speed, all things considered, it bargains an overwhelming 62 harm for each projectile and is prepared for Red Dot, Holo Sight, Laser Sight and magazine connections 

• Fuel Drums – All vehicle gas compartments found around the guides can be detonated by shooting a few projectiles at them 

• Graffiti – Players can positively influence the front line with up to four sorts of spray paint 

• Firearm Improvements and parities – The M16A4, Vector, UMP45 and MK47 Mutant have all been balanced with new connections, ammunition types and conveying limits, alongside other execution and design fixes. 

Not long ago, PUBG Mobile collaborated with Resident Evil 2 to give the exemplary milestone an undead makeover with the presentation of the Survive Till Dawn mode. Starting today, players can get into the "Halloween" soul with an all-new Survive Till Dawn mode flaunting altered foundation items and "Halloweenized" beasts. Included a threatening human group in surrendered manufacturing plants and fortifications. Players can vanquish them to improve rewards while murdering zombies award extraordinary bio-fighting gear that is compelling against zombies and different players. 

Late this month, PUBG Mobile fans can appreciate the new ongoing interaction involved in the coming all-new Payload Mode with high-octane includes at no other time found in the exemplary portable strategic competition, including: 

• Helicopters – For the first run-through ever, players can take to the skies to look for and decimate adversaries with the new assault helicopter 

• Super Weapon Crate – Spawns normally and actuates following 3 minutes. Contains airdrop weapons, Lv. 3 covering, Payload Mode weapons and then some! 

• Teammate Recall – Fallen colleague distinguishing proof cards can be gathered and taken to the closest Communication Tower for a speedy resuscitate 

• New Payload Weapons – The touchy RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade Launcher and M134 minigun are presently accessible 

• Air Strike Beacon – Players can bring in air strikes to the target zone around the guide 

• Vehicle Repair Packs – Packs can be opened to fix harmed vehicles and tires.


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